Easy Web Design, 3rd Edition
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Demystifying Basic HTML

Key Points

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·      HTML commands serve as instructions that tell a browser how to display a Web document's content.

·      HTML commands appear between < > marks, usually come in pairs, and are not case-sensitive.

·      Opening HTML tags frequently contain attributes to further refine the tag’s instructions.

·      The standard tags for HTML documents consist of the following:


·      If possible, store all your Web site documents and graphics within the same master folder. Create an images folder for your Web site’s images within the master folder.

·      To make life easier, devise a graphics naming system to help differentiate various image types, such as buttons, banners, pictures, and so forth.

·      When creating Web pages, save your HTML documents and preview your pages in a browser frequently.

·      Always verify that you’ve included all angle brackets (<>) and quotation marks (" ") in your code. Missing small elements or misspelling HTML commands can cause your page to display incorrectly (or not at all) in a browser.

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