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Chapter 10: Swimming Deeper Into Web Waters with Word and XML

Chapter 10: Swimming Deeper Into Web Waters with Word and XML

Walkthrough Extras

Easy Web Design, Chapter 10, pages 292-333

Easy Web Design’s Chapter 10 walkthrough shows you how to create a Web site using Microsoft Word and XML data.

Up to this point in the walkthrough, you’ve been pretty busy formatting hyperlinks and text, so we’ve decided to cut you a break here. We assume you’ve used Word before, so there’s no dire need to rehash the wonders of typing and formatting text. With that thought in mind, we developed all the content for the Web site, and you presumably downloaded the text documents at the beginning of the Chapter 10 walkthrough. Therefore, adding content described in these online steps will just be a matter of:

·      Importing text

·      Adding images

·      Creating print, mailto, and standard links

After you've added this basic content, you'll be ready to move on to the XML portion of Easy Web Design's Chapter 10 walkthrough.

You can access each walkthrough extra using the links in this page's left navigation area. Each extra presents the online steps and a print option so you can follow along online or refer to a hard copy printout.

You can also print all Chapter 10 walkthrough extras in one document ( doc :: pdf ).

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