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Chapter 8: Demystifying Basic CSS and XHTML

Chapter 8: Demystifying Basic CSS and XHTML

Walkthrough Extras

Easy Web Design, Chapter 8, pages 188-253

Easy Web Design’s Chapter 8 walkthrough shows you how to create a Web site by creating XHTML documents and cascading style sheets in WordPad.

In the extra steps offered here, you can insert body text into the roadside Web site’s home page. What this endeavor actually boils down to is practice in formatting text. The main content of the home page consists of the following elements:

·      Drop cap (a large letter at the start of a paragraph)

·      Paragraph text with italic and bold formatting

·      Block quote

·      Heading

·      Bulleted list

Some of these elements you’ve already created in the walkthrough, so we’ll just present the text here for you to enter (such as the code and text for the bulleted list). But we’ll also show you how to create styles and insert a drop cap as well as apply italic, bold, and block quote formatting.

You can access each section using the links in this page's left navigation area. Each section presents the online steps and a print option so you can follow along online or refer to a hard copy printout.

You can also print all Chapter 8 walkthrough extras in one document ( doc :: pdf ).

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