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Chapter 9: Diving into Design with Publisher Templates

Chapter 9: Diving into Design with Publisher Templates

Walkthrough Extras

Easy Web Design, Chapter 9, pages 254-291

Easy Web Design’s Chapter 9 walkthrough shows you how to create a Web site using Microsoft Publisher's design templates and Web tools.

In these online walkthrough extras, you can:

·      Delete objects

·      Add and import text

·      Use Wizards to format objects

·      Format headings with WordArt

·      Work with hyperlinks

If you've been working through the walkthrough in Chapter 9, you’ve already created the site framework, added and customized a navigation bar, inserted an image and clip art, modified AutoShapes, and replaced text in a couple small text boxes. The time has come to pay attention to the main content area of the Web site.

Please note that for these walkthrough extras, we provide the prepared text for these steps because we believe you can hone your typing skills another time (if necessary). If you prefer, you can type your own text into your Web site.

You can access each walkthrough extra using the links in this page's left navigation area. Each extra presents the online steps and a print option so you can follow along online or refer to a hard copy printout.

You can also print all Chapter 9 walkthrough extras in one document ( doc :: pdf ).

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