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About Us

While we collaborate with many enterprises and professionals, is basically the brainchild and time bandit of two of us, and we are Mary Millhollon and Jeff Castrina. Admittedly, we're preoccupied with online technology, computer paraphernalia, writing, designing, and envisioning increasingly wired and wireless futures. We've happily turned our computer-geek tendencies into busy professional careers and enjoy collaborating on all kinds of projects with all kinds of people and companies.

Mary owns Bughouse Productions and is a "beyond full-time" writer, developer, consultant, Web designer, editor, sometimes instructor, certified MS Word expert, and Internet expert working daily (and nightly) with online technologies. She also recently served as an Instructional Designer and Lead Writer for The Learning Internet ( Mary's educational background is a blend of art, English, journalism, and computer science, which lends itself well to today's constantly morphing computer technology.

In addition to owning Bughouse Productions, Mary has oodles of publishing, design (electronic and print), education, and computer experience, including hands-on experience in the book, magazine, newspaper, courseware, and Web publishing industries.

Mary's most recent computer-related publications include numerous scripts for K-12 educational animations, a high school chemistry screenwriting adventure, educational Web sites, and a collection of books about Web development, Internet browsers, HTML (beginner and advanced), Office applications, online communities and blogging, Web graphics, online auctions, and other Internet, network, application, and design topics.

Among other projects, Mary is currently developing an online wellness program for middle school students called TEACHI (Teens Exploring Avenues in Community Health Information) with OHSU, spearheading the development and growth of the U.S. Paralympic Academy Web site, writing books (as usual!), and working on various other related projects.

Jeff is a highly talented graphic designer, and the owner of ExtraCheese, a multimedia and Web design firm.

Jeff has worked with such companies as Sodexho, ComputerPREP, Educational Management Group, Xerox and Kodak. He has run the gamut of media production by developing Web sites, managing and designing interactive content, creating illustrations and animation and writing, filming and editing video and film.

Jeff also has an amazingly cool telescope that helped spark some ideas for Web site examples in the Easy Web Page Creation and Faster Smarter Web Page Creation books (as you can probably tell if you've thumbed through either of the books).

You can contact us using this site's feedback form or by contacting one of our companies below if you're interested in custom graphics, content development, editorial services, or Web site creation services:

ExtraCheese: High-end Web site development, including online identities, custom design, Macromedia Shockwave™, animation, cd-rom production, and other interactive content development.

Bughouse Productions: Content development and management, including spearheading new projects, creating graphics, writing custom content, providing Flash features, consulting, developing multimedia, and providing editorial services.

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