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"Your book [Easy Web Design] has helped immensely in the planning and designing phases, and especially in making sense out of CSS. I have 4 or 5 other books on HTML and CSS, and yours is by far the most useful."
--David R.

"I love your book [Easy Web Design]. From the minute I picked it up at the bookstore and after browsing through it, I knew it was going to be a good book. It became excellent when I took it home and started working with it. It's very easy to read and apply. Great all around ideas and outstanding advice."
--Leila A.

"I've just gone through your book and have also practiced the exercises therein. I just wanted to inform you that I find the Easy Web Design book very useful for all, especially for a beginner like myself. Web designing is not so easy but in your book, you render it very easy with uncomplicated, direct, and comprehensible terms. The step-by-step instructions and guide is also a wonderful approach. At last, I can boast of knowing something about coding, XHTML, and CSS. Congratulations for a work well done! Do let me know when you release another interesting book regarding the web or the computer in general."
--Uchenna C.

"I LOVED your book! Just yesterday I took my Web site live, after having read your book twice--once before I started work, and once before I launched the site... Your book fills an important niche--explaining to a reasonably intelligent/semi-wired person what it takes to establish an actual Web presence. I've recommended it to several people. I found exactly the kinds of information I needed... Thanks again."
--Daphne F.

"The book is so good and powerful loaded!"
--Femi B.

"Great ideas for improving my web site."

"Superbly written and empowering for me as a novice."

"Gave me a deeper understanding of HTML."

"The book inspired me to work consistently, and thus efficiently. Without the lessons put forward in the book, I never would have attempted web page design!"
--Cliff H.

"Excellent book, keep up the good work, as us novices need you!"
--Ken K.

"Last summer I checked out your book, Easy Web Page Creation, from the local library. In fact, I checked it out twice. I bought my own copy rather than check it out a third time. I felt it was good enough to add to my own library."
--Raymond H.

"I knew zero before reading it. Six months later... Web site."
--Paul W.

"I knew absolutely nothing about web design. Thanks to your book, I was able to create a Web site simply using NotePad and Photoshop."
--Wendy F.

"[Your book] gave me a great deal is insight into lay-out and navigation."

"Your book helped me bring my Web site to the next level without spending thousands of dollars."
--Chris M.

"[Your book] helped immensely in organizing the site meaningfully."
--Hari K.

"Book was easy to understand and follow. I wanted my Web site to look and feel professional."
--Terry W.

"I didn't know anything about Web sites, but your book made it easy. This is the 3rd Web site I've designed and I'm now getting paid for designing Web sites. I think the best part of the book is the hands on training you get with HTML. I now use FrontPage, but the first Web site I made was with notepad. Your book helped me understand the basics."
--Melissa c.

"I created the Web site with a host provider that did not provide much info at all. The book taught how to develop content and basic HTML codes in a way that was simple enough for even my non-technical mind to comprehend."
--Frances C.

"It covers all aspects of Web site creation, packed with information, a useful introduction to each area, and fun to read."
--Miles H.

"With my class, FrontPage 2002, and guidance from the textbook, my Intro to Web Design class (the 1st at my school) built a brand new, informative Web site! [Your book] made it easy to teach lessons for beginners. Great examples and labs. Great advice!"
-- Jim D.

"I bought Easy Web Page Creation several months ago to help me create a family Web site. I thoroughly enjoyed your book. It is very informative and interesting. Thanks again for your great book and all the hard work that went in to creating such an exhaustive product."
--Clayton M.

"I like ya'll's book. Muy mucho."
--John F.

"Hello, My name is Christopher. I am 14 years old. I am planning to create a Web site of my favorite artist, pop icon Janet Jackson and I am amazed that this book is easy and understandable! The first book I started to read was web creation for dummies and that was so confusing even with the help of my parents I actually felt like a dummy, but with easy web creation it is easy, understandable, and straight to the point even without the help of my parents!"
--Christopher C.

"Absolutely great book. Very useful."
--Lothar Z.

"Your book has done a great service, by giving a complete newbie (me) the courage to start building intelligent Web sites, all without being condescending. I work at Barnes & Noble and have recommended it to several customers."
--Ann D.

"I have read your book, and it is simply the best book of its kind around. I loved it. I have read it cover to cover. Could you tell me if you plan to make others?"
--Stuart P.

"I found this book to be extremely useful. In fact, had yours not been the first book I read on creating Web pages, I doubt I'd have explored the topic any further. If anyone asks me for advice, yours will be the book I recommend."

"Compliments! I am reading the Italian version of your book and I'm finding it effective and very easy!"

"Thank you for your book. I have purchased a lot of material and this is the easiest."
--Bill B.

"I really enjoyed your book. I borrowed a copy from the library, then bought my own copy. I now know enough to be dangerous!"
--Charles P.

"Thank you very much for your book and how carefully it was planned/set out. After an extensive study of it and about 5 months work, I got my first attempt ever at Web site creation up and going. I found your work highly useful and an excellent guide, even though I use FrontPage."
--Russ D.

"Your book helped me a lot and I found it so useful. I had a good knowledge about HTML before I read it, but I was never able to put things in order and design nice sites."
--Felicia F.

"Love the book! I went through it and learned a lot. Very easy, step-by-step process."
--Lee K.

"Great job! I can hardly put this book down. I carry it to work and read between jobs, etc. Congratulations on a terrific book."
--John S.

"I loved the book!"
--Dorothy T.

"Finally...a book that I can understand and follow. Thank You!"
--Bill F.

"I bought the book--it's great!"
--Dennis O.

"Two days from scratch for me to put this site together thanks to"

"The layout and careful use of colour throughout makes this an easy read with plenty of fresh ideas."
--The Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe, U.K.

"The book is super, and it is a lifesaver. I am helping my daughter do a Web site for her zine and have to get it done in the next three days."
--Karen S.

"I bought the book in Plymouth UK. Having worked on it for a while, I have these views. This has pulled together some basic Web design that I've picked up piecemeal. I've been able to move forward quickly and enthusiastically. If you have a mail list for the sequel/s please add me to it."
--Michael R.

"Great book!"

"Brilliant!! Easy to understand. My new Web site is taking shape."
--Alan S.

"I just wanted you two to know that I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I found it very friendly and easy to read/understand. Since reading your book, I've purchased Front Page 2002 and am really wishing that y'all had a book out on it. You are gifted writers, so PLEASE continue to publish! Thank you for what you've done so far."
--Carole H.

"I'm finding the book very refreshing!"
--Linda E.

"I love your book. It's really easy to follow."
--Sarah Y.

"Very nice book. I found it easy to read and informative."

"Never seen anything better--probably never will. I have read about Web design, HTML, etc. in other books and articles, but I have never been completely at ease with the subject and didn't bother to read the material in detail. It never really sunk in. Then, this book came along and it opened my eyes.

"The whole book is superbly structured and the mystery about Web design is all cleared. Everything in the book is so well presented and appears in the right sequence. And there are so many tips strewn about. I now know HTML much better. Your confidence grows as you keep reading. I have a Web site done in Word 2000 and I didn't quite use Word's full potential till I read Chapter 9. I had ignored WordArt for example. Now, I am much the wiser in so many ways. I can't imagine any better book coming along."
--Eddie D.

"I just borrowed the book from the library. Judging by your decision to have a Web site in lieu of a CD ROM, I must say that you have made a powerful statement. There is no doubt that I will purchase this publication as I shall refer to it again and again. I'll make sure to tell all my friends. Feel free to send e-mail regarding updates and the like."
--Luis M.

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