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Microsoft Word Version 2003 Inside Out

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Hey, you know your way around Microsoft Word—so now dig into Word 2003 and really put your documents to work! This supremely organized reference packs all the information you need to master every major tool, task, and enhancement in Word 2003—without the fluff. Work smarter with core functions such as creating and formatting documents; creating visual effects; producing tables and charts; developing custom forms; and writing macros with Microsoft Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA). Quickly advance your expertise with XML capabilities in Word, support for the Tablet PC, new document workspaces, and more. You'll gain hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and handy workarounds in concise, fast-answer format. Plus, you get the Office Productivity Kit on CD-ROM—featuring a complete eBook, author extras, bonus content, the Microsoft Computer Dictionary, Fifth Edition, and dozens of other resources. With INSIDE OUT, you'll discover the best and fastest ways to perform everyday tasks—and challenge yourself to new levels of Word mastery!

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