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HTML Elements Descriptions
D = Deprecated
<a> Hyperlink anchor
<abbt> Abbreviated form (e.g., WWW, HTTP, etc.)
<acronym> Indicates an acronym
<address> Information on author
<applet> D Java applet
<area> Client-side image map area
<b> Bold text style
<base> Document base URI
<basefont> D Base font size
<bdo> I18N BiDi over-ride
<big> Large text style
<blockquote> Long quotation
<body> Document body
<br> Forced line break
<button> Push button
<caption> Table caption
<center> D Shorthand for DIV align=center
<cite> Citation
<code> Computer code fragment
<col> Table column
<colgroup> Table column group
<dd> Definition description
<del> Deleted text
<dfn> Instance definition
<dir> Directory list
<div> Generic language/style container
<dl> Definition list
<dt> Definition term
<em> Emphasis
<fieldset> Form control group
<font> D Local change to font
<form> Contains form controls to help lay out a form, specify the program that will handle the form (action), identify the method by with the data will be sent (method), and other form information
<frame> Subwindow
<frameset> Window subdivision
<h1> Heading size 1 (largest)
<h2> Heading size 2
<h3> Heading size 3
<h4> Heading size 4
<h5> Heading size 5
<h6> Heading size 6 (smallest)
<head> Document head
<hr> Horizontal rule
<html> Document root element
<i> Italic text style
<iframe> Inline subwindow
<img> Embedded image
<input> Form control
<ins> Inserted text
<isindex> D Single line prompt
<kbd> Text to be entered by the user
<label> Form field label text
<legend> Fieldset legend
<li> List item
<link> A media-independent link
<map> Client-side image map
<menu> D Menu list
<meta> Generic metainformation
<noframes> Alternate content container for non frame-based rendering
<noscript> Alternate content container for non script-based rendering
<object> Generic embedded object
<ol> Ordered list
<optgroup> Option group
<option> Selectable choice
<p> Paragraph
<param> Named property value
<pre> Preformatted text
<q> Short inline quotation
<s> D Strike-through text style
<samp> Sample program output, scripts, etc.
<script> Script statements
<select> Option selector
<small> Small text style
<span> Generic language/style container
<strike> Strike-through text
<strong> Strong emphasis
<style> Style info
<sub> Subscript
<sup> Superscript
<table> Table
<tbody> Table body
<td> Table data cell
<textarea> Multi-line text field
<tfoot> Table footer
<th> Table header cell
<thead> Table header
<title> Document title
<tr> Table row
<tt> Teletype or monospaced text style
<u> D Underlined text style
<ul> Unordered list
<var> Instance of a variable or program argument
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