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Demystifying Basic HTML

Finalizing the Home Page

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Finally, you need to remove the table borders on the home page before you can proclaim your project complete. In addition, you should check your links and view all your pages to ensure that you’ve entered accurate HTML code. First let’s get rid of those borders on the home page:

note Table borders were shown during the design process to help illustrate where their information was being added within the table. For this Web site, the borders should be hidden

1.      Open index.html in a text editor.

2.      In the <table> tag, change the border attribute from "1" to "0".

3.      Save index.html.

Now let’s click around and check your links, graphics, ALT text, and other page elements. For example, you need to make sure that none of your pages display with two black buttons.

4.      Open your browser, display index.html (or if the document is already open in your browser, click Refresh), and then click every link (including the linked picture, logo, Send Us A Note icon, and text links) to verify that your links work properly and your pages display correctly. If any links don’t respond as expected, open the proper HTML document in your text editor and check the HTML code carefully. Check your banner graphics and button graphics to ensure that you’ve included the proper graphics on each page.

note You might have noticed that we provided content only for the home page. At this point, we think you’re well enough prepared to enter content into the other pages if you desire more practice using HTML.


note You can visit an online version of the practice site at www.creationguide.com/music. You can use the site to check your code if your are having problems

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