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Chapter 7: Posting a Web Site within an Hour (or so)

Chapter 7: Posting a Web Site within an Hour (or so)

Configuring MSN Space Settings

MSN controls many of the settings associated with your MSN Space, but you do have control over a few settings. To access the settings you can control, open your MSN Space in Edit Your Space view, and click the Settings link. The following figure shows the Space Settings tab on the Settings page

Settings options for MSN Spaces

tip Whenever you make changes to your space’s settings, you must click the Save button to apply your changes.

The following tabs are available:

·      Space Settings Allows you to change your MSN Space’s title, tagline, date and time format, time zone, and syndication settings. Keep in mind that to be syndicated, your MSN Space must be configured as a Public space, as defined in the Permissions item in this list. You can also delete your MSN Space by using the Space Settings tab, as described later in the next section.

lingo Syndication refers to a feature that makes your content available to others to use and display on their Web sites (including newsreaders). When you update syndicated content, other sites containing the content are also updated.

·      Blog Settings Enables you to specify how many blog entries appear at one time. The default is five entries. Among other settings, you can specify whether visitors can leave comments and whether other MSN Spaces can link to your space or you can link to other spaces. Links to other MSN Spaces are called trackbacks.

lingo A trackback is a notification that’s sent from one blog to another blog as a means to announce that one blog has made a reference to another blog’s entry. By using trackbacks, you can effortlessly alert others about your blog’s content as well as see how many other bloggers are referencing (or not referencing) your blog.

·      Permissions Allows you to specify who can view your space. You do this by classifying your MSN Space as Public, Messenger, or Private. A Public space allows everyone on the Web to view it. If a space uses syndication or trackbacks, the space must be a Public space. A Messenger space allows only the people on the space’s associated MSN Messenger list to view the space. A Private space allows only selected people from an MSN Address Book to view the space.

·      E-Mail Publishing Lets you configure your MSN Space so that you can upload entries from mobile devices, such as phones or handheld devices, or by using an e-mail application.

·      Storage Shows you how much space your images are using and provides a way in which you can easily delete old images. To delete images, simply select the check boxes next to old or unwanted images, and then click the Delete button.

·      Statistics Displays visitor statistics, such as the total number of pages viewed, the number of page views during the current week, the number of pages viewed during the current day, and the number of pages viewed within the last hour.

Most likely, you won’t have to visit your Settings options very often, but it’s always a good idea to know what options are available to you. Furthermore, you might want to check back every so often since MSN is a dynamic service. You’ll find new features and options added to MSN’s products on a fairly regular basis if you keep your eyes open.

note To view the finished walkthrough blog, visit spaces.msn.com/members/phattigercat. Feel free to leave a comment for the Night Watch Crew or send a picture for possible inclusion if you stop by.

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