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Microsoft Word Version 2002 Inside Out


Microsoft Word Version 2002 Inside Out is a comprehensive Microsoft Word resource written by knowledgeable IT professionals and published by MS Press. With over 1100 pages of information, you're sure to find answers to you or your enterprise's Word questions as well as everything you'll need to know if you're looking to earn Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) certification.

A review from the Society for Technical Communicators (STC):

"Microsoft Word 2002 Inside Out by Mary Millhollon and Katherine Murray, running to well over 1,100 pages, is truly an advanced-level book. The accompanying CD includes an eBook, tools, and utilities. Inside Out includes the chapters "Putting Speech and Handwriting Recognition Features to Work" and "Creating and Working with VBA [Visual Basic for Applications] Macros." ... Inside Out also discusses using special character codes in the Find and Replace dialog box in much more detail. Using the special character codes, I devised a procedure to easily remove pesky single and double hard returns from Word files. The discussions in Inside Out are, for the most part, remarkably lucid: particularly impressive is the section "Collaborating on Team Projects," comprising the chapters "Revising Documents Using Markup Tools" and "Addressing Security Issues." The security issues discussed include procedures for password protection and sending read-only files.... I highly recommend it as the most comprehensive learning resource."

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