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Help us protect our world’s coral reefs…


Living Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are being destroyed at a catastrophic rate. Living coral reefs provide a foundation for marine life, which makes them crucial for all life. They need our help.

Over 10 percent of the world’s coral reefs are already lost, and 70 percent are predicted to be lost in the next 20 to 40 years if we don’t stop the pollution, sewage, erosion, cyanide fishing, and clumsy tourism.

Reefs are resilient and bounce back quickly when protected. Volunteers from around the world are working together to save the reefs. All our dives contribute to the solution.

Dive with Us

We’re based in San Diego, CA, but you don’t have to be. Our unique program teaches you about coral reef diving and enables you to participate in restorative and research reef dives throughout the world.

We sponsor five world trips a year—one dive in each of the main coral reef regions. This year’s upcoming dives include (in order):

·         Seas of the Middle East, Oman

·         Indian Ocean, Madagascar

·         East Asia, Thailand

·         The Pacific, Tonga

·         Tropical Americas, Belize

Last month, 53 Coral Reef Divers explored the highly threatened coral reefs of the Caribbean. Our gallery includes pictures from the dive, and our feature article about Nudibranchs was submitted by Bob “Barracuda” Kelly.

Learn More

Pease contact us to learn more about our dives, get answers to membership questions, or license our images. Space is available for all upcoming dives, although the Oman trip is nearly filled.



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