The quietest books resonate with the clearest tones of notes written in time.

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Sure, journals and classics hold a place in literature and history. But notebooks hold the true keys to our hearts and minds.

If you're looking for a notebook (and who isn't?), we have it:

  • New notebooks present promise.

  • Not-So-New notebooks harbor secrets and issues of humanity as well as present new views of the world.

  • Notable notebooks create a sense of awe by allowing us to reflect on the intellectual, creative, and often reassuringly mundane aspects of famous voices.

We lead the world in notebook supplies. We are beyond dedicated. We believe everyone, including you, needs to have at least one uniquely perfect notebook. Better yet, make that two.

We feel so strongly about collecting notebooks for you that we hold an Annual International Notebook Drive each summer. Our drive is unmatched by any other organization or country. We also encourage notebook use by hosting special events throughout the year that raise millions of dollars for charity.

Your notebook is waiting. Please find it before it drives us crazy.


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