Web Page Writing Checklist

checkbox Introduce one idea per paragraph.
checkbox Keep sentences short without dumbing down, but vary sentence lengths to avoid putting readers to sleep.
checkbox Use simple sentence structures.
checkbox Think about how you can draw attention to keywords and key phrases later during the design phase.
checkbox Aim to limit paragraphs to approximately 75 words or fewer, if possible.
checkbox Use bulleted lists whenever possible.
checkbox Use numbered lists only when you're presenting a series of steps.
checkbox Insert informative headings and subheadings to break up text and highlight key points.
checkbox Keep headlines simple and direct, use active verbs, choose meaningful over clever, and use keywords to aid search engines.
checkbox Ensure that the hierarchy of the headings is clear, both editorially and visually.
checkbox Separate paragraphs within a section by using white space.
checkbox Avoid having too many hyperlinks in body text.
checkbox Write strong sentences as described in Easy Web Design, 3rd edition.