Web Page Design Tips

checkbox Blinking text and gratuitous animation  Avoid blinking text and unnecessary animation; many people find these effects annoying and meaningless. On the other hand, many people appreciate a slick yet simple rollover effect for buttons.
checkbox Competition  Search similar sites to see what's out there, and then make your site unique. By viewing similar or related sites, you can also get ideas of topics that need better coverage or that you've forgotten to address on your page.
checkbox Content  Keep content fresh, simple, and smart. Further, aim to use at least 80 percent of your page to present your content (especially if you plan to use advertising on your page), and restrict navigation elements to 20 percent or less of your page area.
checkbox Cutting-edge technology  Avoid using too many high-tech features or you'll lose the majority of your viewers. Most people don't want to download a plug-in just to view a Web page. If you use advanced technology, make sure you know what your page looks like on systems that don't support it.
checkbox Download speed  Ensure that your page downloads as quickly as possible; you have about 10 seconds max before viewers itch to surf elsewhere.
checkbox Frames  Please do not use frames. Or, if you do, use them sparingly. Frames are tricky to implement properly and often hard for users to navigate. Frames can be useful for sites that include many links, but you have other options, which means not using frames shouldn't pose a problem.
checkbox Functional design  Opt for function over form—every design element should also serve a purpose.
checkbox Important elements  Size elements in proportion to their importance. Bigger means more important and draws attention quicker, whereas smaller equates to lesser importance.
checkbox Moderation  Avoid using too much of any element or technique, including links, colors, scrolling, and so forth. Remember, too much emphasis results in no emphasis as all.
checkbox Sound files  Don't automatically enable sound files. If you must include sound, provide an option to play an audio file.
checkbox The kitchen sink  Don't get crazy and overload your Web pages.
checkbox Visual appeal  Verify that your page looks good in Internet Explorer and FireFox (at a minimum) at various resolutions on Windows and Macintosh systems.
checkbox White space  Create eye relief and visual space with strategically placed blank areas (white space).