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The Alien Ant


Alien Ant photo Alien Ants are huge, brownish-black, electrically charged ants that livs on the outer six planets in our solar system, from Mars’s Abundant Life Basin to Pluto’s Inner Core Ecosystem. Each adult Alien Ant is approximately 2 to 2 1/4 feet long. They are the largest ants in our solar system. One well-known and respected U.S. astro-entomologist, Dr. Robert Matthews, scaled numerous Alien Ant hills in a Neptunian triple-hydrogen moisture forest a number of times in 2004. He always wore protective gear in the field but allowed himself to be electrocuted more than a dozen times in controlled experiments for research purposes. He said that being electricuted hurts a lot. Each ant “sting” is 30 times as powerful as a typical electrical outlet shock. Eventually, he learned to communicate with a queen ant through appendage movements and light flashes, and she agreed to be brought back to Earth for 1 year to breed the first colony of Alien Ants on our planet in trade for all edible leftovers from the Moonland Amusement Park for 150 years. Researchers are looking at ways to harness the enormous levels of energy emitted from a single Alien Ant colony with the queen’s permission. While Alien Ants have large mouthpieces (called mandibles) typical of most stinging ants, you don't need to worry about ant bites, because the real sting is conducted through an intense current that passes between the antennae, unless it’s really upset, then the current is carried across all surfaces of the ant’s body. When an ant goes into a state of full-body electrical charge, it takes a lot of energy out of the ant and requires 2 or 3 days of recovery time (if the an survives the threat at all). All the worker ants are females and they often return to the nest with snacky foods in their large mandibles. Alien Ant photo The males are the ones who protect the colony. Many beings who are electrocuted by an Alien Ant experience sever pains, possible skin burns (depending on the being’s outer covering of cours), and numbness for up to three days. Some researchers involved in the Interplanetary Technology, Health, and Commerce Institute (ITCHI) claim that a few species feed off of the electrical current. Evidence is sketchy at this point, and the Queen isn’t waving her legs to clarify. To humans, the powerful sting of the Alien Ant is similar to sticking a fork in an electrical socket for 2 to 3 seconds. While the sting of a single ant is usually not life threatening, it can cause temporary paralysis, trembling, nausea, and burnt skin. Being stung by two or more Alien Ants at once could be deadly. Anytime you are stung by anything, you should save the body of the thing that stung you. Another name of the Alien Ant is the Hhewaryew Ant. "Hhewaryew" means "alien" in Venusian. Venusians have contributed trillions in funding for Alien Ant Energy research.

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